An Ant’s Eye View

As the learners in Grade 3 were finishing their Zentangled Animals/Pages; and the class time was just minutes from ending… quick what can they experiment with that is a bit more than Free Draw (this class struggles sometimes with too much choice and quickly they are not making the strong choices for their behavior)

So “You are now an ant… think like an ant, look at the world like an ant… What do you see?”  Excited, squirmy and wiggly words started pouring forth… “Right, great ideas…. now getr to work and draw them!”

The few usual suspects that take a long while to settle into their “free draw,” went right to work and were absorbed till the end of class and even asked to take their incomplete drawings home or if they could work on them if they had during free time in class… “yes, yes, yes!”

Here is one of the ones that finished before the end of art class, as promised: “I will share it on the art class blog.”

photo (29)                   Nice work Walter, capturing being part of the ant group!

photo-17            Carys sat on the floor so she could see how an ant could see!

photo-2           Neve worked on hers on her own time and brought it in yesterday! Great view of a picnic.


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