Thank you for all the recyclables you have donated!  They have been put to good use, come check out the Cultural Celebration on Friday March 14 10:3–3 to see what we have done with the supplies!

Also in need of

  • large white paper plates, with the ripply edges

Voyager Paintbrush

As always supplies are limited and often expensive for art units… Here are some things that would be great additions to the art budget.


  • color sharpies
  • wooden dowels
  • foam boards
  • glue sticks
  • hot glue guns and refill sticks
  • carpet tube rolls
  • toilet paper or paper towel tubes
  • magazines
  • A really big wish list item: Latex Exterior paint- Black, White, Red, Yellow, and Blue.

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An Ant’s Eye View

As the learners in Grade 3 were finishing their Zentangled Animals/Pages; and the class time was just minutes from ending… quick what can they experiment with that is a bit more than Free Draw (this class struggles sometimes with too much choice and quickly they are not making the strong choices for their behavior)

So “You are now an ant… think like an ant, look at the world like an ant… What do you see?”  Excited, squirmy and wiggly words started pouring forth… “Right, great ideas…. now getr to work and draw them!”

The few usual suspects that take a long while to settle into their “free draw,” went right to work and were absorbed till the end of class and even asked to take their incomplete drawings home or if they could work on them if they had during free time in class… “yes, yes, yes!”

Here is one of the ones that finished before the end of art class, as promised: “I will share it on the art class blog.”

photo (29)                   Nice work Walter, capturing being part of the ant group!

photo-17            Carys sat on the floor so she could see how an ant could see!

photo-2           Neve worked on hers on her own time and brought it in yesterday! Great view of a picnic.

Two more working days and its done…

Monday and Tuesday just before our Thanksgiving break, the last of the Grade 4/5 classes is out to work on the mural…

First the addition of  the words: the 3 principles that guide all we do at and as Voyager a Public Charter School.
Golden Rule– remember to treat others as you would like to be treated.

All One Family- we are always working to help each other and be one big family.

Unity in Diversity– no matter our differences we are all united.

Don’t forget our Voyager Logo- a V with 3 stars and a part of our school song… “a  journey of learning never ends…”

IMG_1191 IMG_1192 IMG_1193 IMG_1194

The words are scattered around the figures and finishing touches will be added Tuesday.

The last group decides that green grass, as an anchor to the mural, will be our final detail.

IMG_1204 IMG_1205 IMG_1210 IMG_1215 IMG_1217 IMG_1219

Finished Mural